Wysada Exclusive Ted Baker Dining

Wysada Exclusive: Ted Baker Dining

Ray Kelvin, the founder of giant Ted Baker, reportedly stated in an interview regarding his humble beginnings that: “[He] called it Ted Baker because [he] thought, from day one, that it would be a failure, and [he] didn’t want to be ‘Ray Kelvin the bankrupt.’ So it was a good name to hide behind.” Today, Ted Baker is regarded as an industry leader – so impactful it is even listed in the London Stock Exchange!

Ted Baker


Wysada is thrilled to announce that it is featuring dining essentials from Ted Baker exclusively in the Middle East, particularly because Ted Baker excels in maintaining quality with its substantial year-on-year growth. Ever since its primary location opened in 1988 Glasgow, the brand has continued to expand dramatically, growing from the UK and the USA to places such as Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lampur, Jakarta and Taiwan! This impressive list continues to grow as Wysada helps to extend Ted Baker’s reach to the Middle East.

Ted Baker


Ted Baker is one of the few brands out there that truly adheres to its founding principles; rejecting mainstream advertisement and major public marketing simply because it relies on its products’ quality to speak for itself! This system has worked out amazingly well for Ted Baker, allowing its authenticity to flourish along with the company rather than compromising it as most large-scale competitors do. As for the Ted Baker designs offered by Wysada, they comprise of the most modern takes that Ted Baker has undergone. Find little colorful gems and pieces with Mediterranean influences – all of which fall under the heading of brilliance and refinement.

Ted Baker


Wysada would like to invite you to explore the genuinely refined world of Ted Baker – discover quality, and share it with loved ones!


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