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Welcome Ramadan

Islamic nation’s most desirable guest has finally arrived. Ramadan, the month of faith and purity, is here to give us another chance to improve ourselves morally and to purify our hearts and minds.

Here are a few steps to welcome Ramadan and live its spirituality:

– This holy month is all about good deeds, no matter how small they are, you can start by helping out your elderly neighbors in small chores or go all the way to feed needy people and help them by organizing charity events to collect money to those in need.

– Inviting the spirituality of this month into our homes comes in many forms, decorating is the most obvious one. Walking down the streets, you can find colorful and different lighting sparkling from every window and corner in beautiful harmony. What a beautiful sight!

– Your family and loved ones should be a part of this holy month, sharing this special time of the year with them will make wonderful memories not to be forgotten. Plan a Ramadan welcoming party and invite your family for Iftar.

We here at Wysada are celebrating this month with discounts and unique offers to fill your homes with joy and clarity.

Have a blessed Ramdan and may all your prayers be answered.


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