Wallpaper Hacks

Wallpaper is back in a big way! It can add a luxurious, wow factor to any space without the need to add costly items like stone, marble or wall paneling to your interior. Many designers are circulating, updating and inventing new prints to keep this old practice new and fresh.

If you are wondering how to incorporate wallpaper within your interior, stay tuned for these genius tricks and hacks which are approved by interior designer across the globe!

1- If you’re dealing with a small space, the last thing you want is to add more visual clutter to your walls. Wallpaper with large or busy patterns will make the room seem smaller and it can overpower the rest of the space, instead you can invest in a wallpaper with a light background or a mini-print with a small pattern or geometric designs. Doing so will make a small or oddly shaped spaces appear larger.

2- For large spaces, oftentimes we feel that too much space is left empty, if not done right this particular style can backfire and make your interior seem dull and dead. To counter this problem, you can play around with fun, bod patterns, they can be large and colorful and even dark, all these wallpaper designs will pull the room together and give it a more balanced look.

3- For your bedroom, always take into consideration the style you’re trying to achieve. Geometric prints with neutral toned backgrounds are ideal for classic to contemporary bedrooms, for a more dynamic and calming vibe you can go for organic prints to add twist to your bedroom interior.

4- For your bathroom, the possibilities are endless, if you have a small bathroom, applying ornate or heavy prints can really transform your space. Going for neutral colors will give your bathroom a contemporary look.




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