Top 10 Ways to Enjoy a Creative Weekend


  1. Unwind

Turn off your phone, disconnect from the world and you’ll feel more connected to it than ever before. This is your chance to finally unwind from work and family so take a deep breathe, and enjoy sitting at peace in your own silence.


  1. Read!

We all have a favorite book that we’ve been itching to read, so now is your time to read it! Even if it’s just an article that you clicked on at work and then scrolled down and realized it was too long to read there, this is your chance to fully read and enjoy it work-free.

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  1. Write

Write out all your scrambled thoughts down on a piece of paper or – if you must – in the notes section of your smart phone. Write about what’s stressing you out, this way you get it off your chest and into reality so that it doesn’t stay bugging you for too long. Write as a form of relaxation and self-enlightenment in order to move on confidently without having your past interfere with your future.

  1. Enjoy Nature

Go out hiking or jogging in the woods for an escape from your busy city life. You’ll notice that the air feels fresh and clean entering your lungs, giving your senses a break from the usual polluted environment that you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

  1. Talk to someone you love: one on one

With stressful jobs and loads of responsibility, you may find that it gets hard making time for your partner, siblings, parents or friends. Even though you may spend time with them over the weekend, if it’s crowded with other friends and family you may not be able to talk to them with the same transparency as you would be able to alone. Once you’re alone, give them your undivided attention and enjoy the comforting and well-needed catch-up conversation.

  1. Revisit your favorite hobby or skill

If you’re good at sewing, dancing, painting or anything else, this is your chance to keep up with it so that you don’t lose it. Enjoy doing your favorite hobby or skill so that you feel connected to doing what you love and care about. This skill or hobby will also naturally make you happy making it a win-win situation no matter which way you look at it.


  1. Plant something in your garden

It’s always good to know that you can just grab an extra tomato from your home garden without running in a panic to the store while you have guests over. You will quickly notice how convenient it is to have herb, vegetable, and fruit plants in your yard available at all times.

  1. Volunteer in your community

Volunteer in the community that you live in, in any positive way shape or form that adds to the value of your society. This way you get to know new people while also adding something to distinguish you from others on your CV or resume.

  1. Learn a foreign language

Join an online class for free – just Google it! Duolingo and Livemocha are both free sites that you can check out. Also open up several helpful YouTube links and watch foreign films, or sign up for a class at a learning center or bring a tutor to your home. If you want it to happen, make it happen!


  1. Get organized

Keep track of all your plans by making lists for the upcoming week as well as lists for months in advance. Take this time to also plan out a vacation you intend on taking in the next six months. This way you can start off your week nice and organized, with something to look forward to so you won’t stress out!



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