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The Emotional Effect of Colors

Colors, colors, colors wherever you go, wherever you look. That’s life itself!

A life full of colors and positivity is what we are looking for, but have you ever wondered what the effect of colors has on us? Has it ever crossed your mind, that your mood and emotions may be affected by the colors surrounding you?

Then get ready to hear this!

Colors may have an affect your body, mind, emotions and essential balance, so when choosing your outfit or painting your walls be aware of which colors you choose. Because even if you do not notice it but colors actually have an effect on you!




There are positive and negative effects for each and every color, but for the moment we will only speak about the positive effects of the following four psychological primary colors red, blue, yellow and green!

Red is a powerful, emotionally intense color, it gives you energy, courage, warmth and excitement, it’s the color of love after all.

Blue is the color of the mind, creativity and trust, if you’re looking for a soothing place, then go ahead and choose blue.




Yellow is the color of optimism, self-esteem, confidence, friendliness. Go for a cheerful sunny yellow if you want to stay happy.

Green is the color of harmony, refreshment, environmental awareness, and peace.  It’s the easiest color for the eye, as it grabs the attention of people and makes them relax.

Last but not the least, fill your life with colors, because only with them will your life be as colorful as they are!


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