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What if the solution for a better life is right here in our hands? Many people from all around the world might have focusing problems, or mood swings or they might not be motivated enough to achieve good things in their lives. These are normal stuff that we might face in our daily life andContinue reading

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When the temperature drops we seem to drop our healthy life choices along, spending too much time indoors or lacking energy during winter is probably the main suspect behind our growing waistlines, but always remember that there are healthier snacks that you can replace your sugar loaded, empty calories with! These are some of theContinue reading

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For this holy month, you cannot overlook the beauty and enchantment of the embellished Islamic art motifs and designs. The calming effect of decorating your table using a variation of geometric rhymes is deeply emphasized in the Islamic art philosophy. Through its brilliant use of color and its superb balance between design and form, IslamicContinue reading