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Small Changes, BIG Differences!

Making small changes in your home is the easiest way to bring new life into any space. It is also the least expensive method to redecorate your house using your existing furniture pieces or adding few affordable decorative accents.

Get creative, think outside the box, don’t let the same old routine hold you back, never be afraid to mix and match between different styles in the same space.


Paint Work:

This method is quick and guaranteed to give your home an entirely new look.

Quit using the same old whites and beiges! Take your creativity to the next level and use some daring warm colors. You definitely don’t need to paint the entire room; just try painting one wall to accentuate a focal piece. For example, paint the wall behind your TV in your living room, or the one behind your bed in your bedroom.

Don’t limit yourself to walls! If you own old furniture pieces, and you are tired of their plain look, you can easily paint them to create a whole new addition to any space in your home.




Small Home Accessories & Decorative Accents:

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to re-energize a room? Try scattering some pillows over your couches, armchairs or even your floor.

Look around your kitchen for old jars, you can do some amazing work on them to create colorful vases and lanterns.

Old scarves can make a really intriguing accessory addition. Wrap them around vases, candlesticks, or drape one over an antique wall art.


Wall Accessories:

Apply large wall stickers or wallpaper to renovate an entire room and give it a new look and feel.


Rearranging Furniture:

Swap your existing furniture pieces to add a fresh look to any room.

Move the main piece of any room, such as your sofa or bed, to the opposite side. Rearrange the smaller pieces accordingly. It’s all about experimenting!

Get rid of pieces that you no longer use, or move them to another room.


Those were a few tips for an affordable and easy way to redecorate your house. Don’t hesitate to try what suits you the most, you will be surprised of how simple changes and updates can make your house look and feel new.



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