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Samsung Gear VR

Nothing is impossible with Samsung Gear VR!

Perhaps you are asking yourself what can you do with Samsung Gear VR!

The answer is simple…

Samsung Gear VR will allow you to watch exciting videos, play your favorite games, and bring reality to the virtual using 360 technology. Just put it on and prepare yourself to experience a whole new world full of unforgettable adventures. A vast selection of content, all powered by Oculus.

Prepare your snack, take a seat and be ready to travel the world and beyond with only one touch. But in order to use it, you have to know that Gear VR is only compatible with S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge and note5.



How to use it?

Just slip your smart phone into the Gear VR, and you’re in! And by using the touch pad on the side you can tap to select and swipe to move left and right! Yes It’s that simple,

It’s a mobile virtual reality headset, that can take you anywhere you want right from your place. Once you put it on, be prepared  to see a world of imagination.

By using the Gear VR your phone can do more than you expect!


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