Ramadani Nights

Ramadani Nights

When Ramadan happens to come during the summer, it means it’s the perfect time for late nights out, and each country becomes a setting for phenomenon of Ramadani Nights.




After long hours of fasting, most of us prefer to have some fun with family and friends. Outdoor settings held by coffee shops, restaurants and the such are preferable destinations for a lot of people. In fact, these locations have become so popular that they have become iconic scenes for a Ramadan favorite: argheeleh. Sweet smells of apple, lemon, cherry – all waft through the air, leaving their grayish residue in the backdrop of pleasant conversations and laughter that echoes to the late hours of the night.




And what better way to end your night out than to have Suhoor in your favorite restaurant or coffee shop? Sharing your last meal of the day before fasting with loved ones creates an intangible, strong bond of shared endurance. After all, no one gets home before dawn during Ramadan!




And for those who prefer to stay at home after Iftar, the best of Arabic shows are broadcasted during the month of Ramadan. You have plenty of choices to watch, drama, comedy and historical shows on a wide range of TV channels that compete to introduce the best productions for the Arabic viewer. Interestingly, most of these shows revolve around Arab history, emphasizing cultural and traditional milestones that are frequently juxtaposed with today’s society.




Every one of us has his or her own way to spend those magical nights. Routine gets broken, families become tighter, friends get closer and every public place becomes alive and vibrant with what this month has to offer. Enjoy these last few Ramadani nights while they last, as moments like these are precisely the ones that are sustained by memory, even as they begin to fade.




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