Joseph Joseph: A story of Passion for Design


Whether you’re a highly skilled cook or have just started your journey around the cooking area, your kitchen is no longer a place where you only cook food and prepare meals, it’s a place where you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in. In order to achieve that you need the right tools and kitchenware for easier and simpler functioning.

And no perfect cooking experience is completed without the elegant serving and displaying of your delicious home cooked meals.

Here @Wysada.com we feature world-known brands such as “Joseph Jospeh” to help you in contemporizing your cooking and food preparing experiences.

Joseph Joseph: A story of Passion and Success

In 2003, two brilliant brothers, Antony and Richard Joseph, launched  this brand to become a worldwide known and an award-winning one, taking the cooking world by storm by presenting functional, problem-solving products

The creation of the brand came from their lifelong passion and fascination by design. So the two Josephs grew up designing and building products in a workshop at home. They carried that passion to college and into their early careers as product designers.

Now, this brand went international, and the products are sold in over 100 countries around the world, with offices in London, New York, Paris, Dusseldorf and Tokyo.

Joseph Joseph kitchenware will help your kitchen stand out with the superior quality and sophisticated designs that will make your cooking tasks far easier, and the time you spend making meals for your family and loved ones a lot more enjoyable.


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