Getting Creative with Melting Pots

Getting Creative with Melting Pots

Having dessert is oftentimes the most exciting part of any meal. However, what makes a certain dessert special and extraordinary depends on who you’re sharing it with and, of course, how delicious it tastes and looks!

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Considering how close we are to Ramadan, Melting Pots has joined Wysada’s growing list of prestigious suppliers just in time. This brand’s dessert molds utilize innovative shapes that creatively incorporate meaningful words, so we have taken the time to select particular pieces that are suitable under the umbrella of Ramadan. For example, Wysada is featuring a mold for desserts that reads “Eid Saeed,” allowing one to further merge happy family meals with the intimate fundamentals of the Holy Month.

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Besides the creative and family-friendly connotations of using Melting Pots, the pieces they provide encourage partaking in healthier dessert-devouring by providing small and practical sizes. Do you hear that Arab families? No more dinner fights over how big a slice of cake Uncle Hamza wants and how small a piece Auntie Nour is giving him!

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The focus, instead, will rightly be placed on the family itself: on what it stands for and how its members complete each other. The dessert’s focus, meanwhile, will be on what brings families together – be it the element of Eid or love. Hopefully, if the two elements are present together this Ramadan, you can show off your Melting Pots desserts that have an inscription of each – “Hob” and “Eid Saeed.”





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