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Eating Healthy During Ramadan

We Have been fasting for a long time now, but in the past two years Ramadan has fallen in weather that is warmer than in previous years, and fasting days are much longer than before, this means that we need to prepare ourselves and know what to eat during non-fasting hours , foods that will help us endure the rest of the month and also the high temperature.

Fasting people need to eat foods that provide them with the energy necessary to keep them going through the long hours of the day, because some of us need certain foods in hot climates.

So today we have some tips for you about eating healthy during non-fasting hours when food and drink are meant to be consumed.





Stop Eating Junk Food and Start Eating Real Nutritious Food

Processed foods are filled with unhealthy stuff like high-fructose and corn syrup, artificial additions to enhance flavor, a lot of wrong heart-clogging oils, even if you are in a hurry there are a lot of options for eating healthy and real nutritious food. Avoid eating junk food like chips and candies, those things will not give you the energy to get through a long day of fasting and they will also make you feel more hungry and crave more and more for them, whereas when you eat food that is filled with fibers and proteins, it will satisfy your stomach and you won’t feel as much hungry.


Stay Away From “White” Foods or Cut Down on Them

White foods are foods like (white rice, white bread, white sugar etc.), they are processed and stripped of the nutritious elements that should be in them, try to choose breads from whole grains and also organic brown rice.






Stay Away from Foods That Dehydrate your Body

Foods that contain a lot of oils, deep fried and high-fat cooked foods can be switched with roasted foods, such as grilled chicken and meat, and of course salty stuff, in addition to fruity artificial drinks which are super hydrating.

We also need to cut down on coffee and tea to at least half of what we used to consume before Ramadan.





Avoid Certain Cooking Methods

Avoid Deep frying, frying and excessive use of oil, instead try to shallow fry your food, you will not feel the change in taste. Grilling or baking is always better and healthier and you won’t gain weight.

Sweets, let’s save these for Eid Alfitir! Try to hold off as much as possible to avoid any sugar crashes later in the day, if you must have something sweet make it natural, try to use real honey and natural cane sugar, or eat fruits which are full of good sugar.

We hope that these tips help you balance your diet, and have a blesses Ramadan.


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