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Don’t Let the Snow Ruin your Fun

Let’s be honest for a minute here, no matter how old we are, I guarantee that we all jump for joy when we hear the news broadcast that a snow storm is hitting, and we are getting a snow day off!

If the weather outside is appalling and driving is out of the question, then I’m certain that you will love these entertaining snow day activities. The best part is that doing chores and catching up on work are not on this fun and fascinating list. However, keep in mind that no snow day is complete without some fun in the snow!



Make a Snowman:

Make a snowman or have a snowball fight outside your home and take memorable pictures that will last you a lifetime.




If you are into decorating then moving things around in your home can be fun and refreshing. Try things such as hanging your pictures in different places, rearranging your furniture, etc.



Take an Extravagant Bath:

Get your bubble bath ready pour a bunch of flowers in the tub and make it extra luxurious with nice music, candles, and perhaps a nice book or beverage.


Homemade Beauty Recipes:

Give yourself a mini spa day with a variety of DIY beauty treatments. Whether it’s a nice manicure/pedicure, a relaxing scrub, or a homemade  mask, it’s a good day to beautify and relax.



Shop Your Closet:

Organize your closet, prune unused items, and discover cool outfits you never knew you had.



Video Gaming:

A day stuck inside provides a wonderful opportunity for a video game marathon.


Movie Day:

Sort of a given on any winter day, but pop up some popcorn and get comfy on the couch with your favorite flicks.


Catch Up on Your Shows:

Catch up on your favorite shows that you missed during busy weeks is a fun way to pass the time.



Bake Some Goodies:

Try baking some easy winter treat recipes that the kiddies can help with.


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