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Côté Table: Where Simplicity Meets Grace

Have you ever experienced the pleasant elegance of luxurious dining and sophisticated decorating before? With the world-known French brand Côté Table you can definitely have the chance to enjoy the timeless appeal of luxurious homeware.




In 1996, from the artistic and rich city of Bordeaux in southwestern France, Côté Table was inspired and created.

With exclusive collections, ranging from tableware and textile to furniture and décor, Côté Table offers originality, charm, quality and artistic beauty in every line.



Each and every one of the pieces made by Côté Table has been intricately designed to  bring French elegance to every home, combining traditional charm with contemporary inspiration,in order to create the sort of lavish environment that is desperately sought after by people from all over the world.




Now, after nearly 20 years, this popular brand has lured in costumers from all over the world with its fine designs and exclusive collections, which can be found in over 2000 boutiques worldwide, including over 600 in France.




Adding small touches and paying attentions to details are two essential things which help you in turning your house into a beautiful home. The fusion between serene colors and simple designs, which Côté Table has adopted, will definitely create the loving living space and appealing dining area that you dream of!




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