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Just this Monday, our buyers here at Wysada have chosen themes that are both special and appealing in hopes of giving you an early inspirational boost for the week!

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Our first collection comes forth from Europe’s capital of love – France. In particular, this campaign – “Shabby Chic Parisian Home” – reflects beautifully modern designs inspired by the romantic streets of Paris.

“This collection brings together a range of pale pastel colours and greys with elegant, gently worn-in furniture. I feel this combination promotes the process of engendering a calming atmosphere for any room, and gives a subtle sense of familiarity to guests hence making them feel comfortably at home.” – Marc Stennett, Wysada Buyer.





This second collection is influenced in its entirety by Mediterranean accents. For art-lovers who love to indulge themselves and their guests with elegantly curated arrangements, this campaign, appropriately named “Defining Mediterranean Glamour,” will invite passionate styles and vibes.

“The vibrant colours and combination of hard and soft textures transport you to a spot by the seaside which is swollen by the sun and infused with the salty air. This style inspires me as it expresses passion and creates a paradoxical sense of orderly mess where anything can happen.  From lanterns to tasseled cushions, it exudes playfulness and the expectation that anything could happen” – Tahany Najjar, Wysada Buyer




The cool, crisp shores of Scandinavian beaches bring you the inspiration for this following range, called “Hubsch Scandi Furniture.” 

“We all have our dream home playing around in the back of our minds. As we change with age, however, so does our taste and style. Despite this fact, my love for minimalist designs remains the same. Carefully designed, clean-cut edges act as the base upon which I can really extend my personality, and they define what I look for in furniture pieces in general. ‘Scandi’ is clean and versatile – where design meets function.” – Ava Embaie, Wysada Buyer



Last but not least, Wysada brings you “Creatively Modern,” a campaign from the British furniture brand called Green Apple. This particular collection of theirs emphasizes the clever use of spacing and positioning, and reveals the subtle beauty of minimalist designs.

“These fantastic pieces by Green Apple give a minimalist, elegant and futuristic sense of space whilst preserving its beauty from every angle. I enjoy manipulating every inch of interior space around me, even if the space’s function is to remain empty and to provide a sense of room and spaciousness” – Joesy Anacoura, Wysada Buyer


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Choose from these talented buyers’ stylish endeavors, and join them on their adventure of fashion. By influencing your interior’s themes to have specific curated accents from global regions, you enter Wysada’s exciting world of living in luxurious style. Join the ranks of artistic minds and find out just how much the world has to offer when you are willing to simply open your door.



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