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Benefits of Cold & Hot Showers

I couldn’t believe that the day had almost gotten to an end, feeling extremely exhausted after a tiring day, I decided it’s the right time to take a shower. But suddenly a question popped into my head making me think whether it’s better to take a hot or a cold shower!

I started to list in my head how I’m feeling…

My day was shabby, full of tension and anxiety. Not to mention that I have all symptoms of  getting a cold!

And I’m over thinking about some work that has to be done by tomorrow. Therefore,  a shower under hot water is what I need right now.




Hot water would definitely  help me relieve the stress and tension, soothe my stiff muscles , ease anxiety, relieve cold symptoms, break my fever  and bring my temperature back to normal. So it’s just the right choice to choose at the main time.

However,  taking shower in cold water is really good for our bodies.

As dreadful as it sounds, turning the shower in the last 5 minutes  can shock your body awake, relieve your body of fatigue, active your immune system, increase your blood circulation and mental alertness and is also better for our skin and hair.

Water has been always a good cure for a lot of things, but little do we know about the benefits it could give us. So stay healthy always and keep in mind that you give your body a mini massage, just by taking a relaxing, soothing shower.


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