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Bedtime Rhyme: Little Red Riding Hood

Tick tock, tick tock, Said the clock!
Time for bed, it’s 8 o’clock
Remove the covers and get in bed
Tonight it’s time for little red
To tell us the story of herself.

In a land not far away
Little red was ready for her day
She put on her red hood
And walked her way down the woods
As she headed to her grandma’s home.

On her way she met the wolf, with cunning smile he asked:
Where are you heading so fast?
Full of innocence she said:
To my grandma’s house to deliver the bread

In seconds a malicious plan hit his head
And to her grandma’s house as fast he fled
Knock, knock, knock and there he was close up
Poor granny did not have time before he gulped her up!
Then he put on her clothes, and laid himself in her bed
Few minutes later, little red arrived with the hood on her head
In she came the little girl with wide eyes she observed
“What big ears you have,” as the cookies to her granny she served
“All the better to hear you with my child,” was the reply
“What big eyes you have granny,” said Little red with a sigh
“All the better to hear you with my dear!”
“And what big teeth you have granny,” as to the bed she came near
“The better to eat you with my dear”

After that, there he laid again on the bed
After he devoured granny and poor little red
Luckily then huntsman was passing by the house
When he saw the wolf laying like a died fat mouse
It occurred to him what  the wolf has done
So he took a pair of scissors and before the set of the sun
He began to cut open the stomach of the sleeping monster
That’s how little red and granny was rescued by the brave hunter
Then he filled the wolf’s belly with big heavy stones
And when he awoke and started to walk, there was nothing heard but the groans
The stones were so heavy that he collapsed and fell dead at once.


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