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A Cup of Coffee!

By the window on that rainy day, I took a sip from my coffee cup, when I suddenly realized that I know nothing about coffee! Except that it’s a wake-up call every morning. I looked back at my half full cup and gazed into it, enjoying its sweet aroma. All of a sudden, my cup started shaking and everything around me seemed so strange, I closed my eyes afraid to look, but when I opened them, I looked around to find myself in Ethiopia, where the coffee plant was discovered for the first time during the 11th Century. Back then it was called the “Magical Fruit”, for its Jasmine-like smell and its red, cherry-like fruit. It looked beautiful, while it blossomed on the tree and for the magical tasting beverage it produced after it was boiled. It happened to me once again and started to shake, but I was in Yemen where coffee was spread during the 14th Century and was drank, as the first coffee recipe was in Ethiopia. It happened but for one last time now, but I was in Istanbul where coffee was introduced in 1555 during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. In the Ottoman palace a new method of drinking coffee was discovered and with its new brewing method and aroma, coffee’s renown soon spread even further afield. With that I felt a bit dizzy by the beautiful things I learned and have seen, with a blink of an eye I was right there by the window again on my chair with my delicious, hot cup of coffee!



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