3 Foods for Memorable Outdoor Gatherings

3 Foods for Memorable Outdoor Gatherings

We’ve all experienced that one evening party which left us smiling up to the next day. Was it the chatter? The good weather? Can we predict and differentiate – beforehand – which evenings will be memorable from the ones that will fade into the crevices of our memory? It turns out that, besides the importance of encouraging stimulating conversations and having good outdoor setups, the food matters the most by far!

Buffet Food


The more creative you are, the better. It’s not just the quality of your food: the element of ‘exoticness’ matters. For example, instead of spearheading your buffet with a Ceasar salad or your average lettuce/tomato/cucumber/mint mix, maybe offer a particularly healthy quinoa or crab salad. The problem, however, is that ‘exotic’ has a reputation of being hard to pull off, and here’s where Wysada steps in:



  1. Popcorn

This one is a classic! Popcorn is simple, tasty, and will keep your guests patient while the food gets prepared. The fresher, the better, and there is an element of deliciousness when you witness your little kernels of joy pop and – almost magically – metamorphose into fragments of bliss!

Popcorn Machine


  1. Grilling and Griddling

One of the few things that makes a burger outstanding is whether or not you can customize it to meet your preference! Different tastes will inevitably prove that there is no ‘universal’ way to make the best burger, so the ideal solution is to let the eater play a part in its creation. Should the bread be toasted or not? How well do you want your meat grilled? Spare yourself the headache and let them decide for themselves.

BBQ Grill


  1. Desserts

Desserts are the area you want to truly thrive in, as it is consumed last and will therefore be more likely remembered. You can go for the classic route: ice cream, Arabic sweets etc. or, if you want to inject a little innovation, make everything homemade! This way, you can offer exoticness and deliciousness simultaneously by offering things such as cotton candy, muffins donuts, and so much more!



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