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Read all about the latest trends in interior design, as well as expert tips from high profile figures, exclusive interviews and tips on furnishing your home.
We Got a Makeover!

Wysada’s website just got a fresh new look that we’re sure you’re

FEST; a Statement of Happiness

“I like my house to be unique to me … You might have bought your sofa at a major

What it Means to Wear Jessie Steele

    Jessie Steele’s story is one of those soulful, brilliant accounts

Koket Brings Hollywood to Your Home

  “Never has the time felt more right for me than now to create a brand that

French Allure - Thumbnail
Say ‘Oui’ to French Allure

Whether in furniture or fashion, the French have great design nailed. Parisienne style

The Grand Wysada Hotel

When The Grand Budapest Hotel’s star, M. Gustave the blasé concierge, greets fascist

Banksy: The Street Warrior

  Graffiti street art has been a controversial issue for decades although it’s believed

All things bright and beautiful blog cover
All Things Bright and Beautiful

  Written by: Karim Ghawi   Bright is confident. Bright is a statement. But bright is

Glam Rock Watches on Wysada

Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, 50 Cent and Jamie Foxx are among the long list of celebrities that

FA blog cover
Wysada Interviews The Talented Jordanian Designer Farah Asmar

  Farah Asmar is a Jordanian Designer who once had a dream sketched on a paper, and finally

Valentines blog cover
Love Your Home..

There is a reason why red is associated with love – a strong one.   Red has been, and still

silsal  blog cover 3
Wysada Meets… Samar Habayeb

Heritage, uniqueness and relaxed elegance are some of the words that describe this dazzling

FA blog cover
New Year, New Home

Your home is your canvas; a clean, white slate just in time for the new year.  Experience,

Beat the Winter Chill – Light My Fire

Snowed in? Create your own private ski-chalet with this fantastic collection of outdoor wood

Wysada Loves: Color Your World

Adorn your interior settings with jewel toned, decadent homeware essentials from our charismatic

Wysada Loves: Iconic Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Invest in a design classic today with this iconic range of timeless unisex sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

Industrial  blog cover 2
Get The Look: Industrial Evolution

Introduce an ultra-cool feel to your spaces with these fabulous bronze and wood must-haves. This

table lamps blog cover 2
Wysada Loves: Seaside Lights

Inject a touch of play with this collection of fabulous seaside-inspired table lamps; guaranteed to

pop art living blog cover
Get the Look: Pop Art Living

Liven up your space with Pop Art-inspired living essentials, bound to bring an artistic touch to

Jewelry  blog cover 2
Wysada Loves: Amrita Singh Jewelry

Be the star of the show with this dazzling range of fashion-forward jewelry pieces from New York

Sit in Style blog cover
Get the Look: Sit in Style

Bring an artistic vibe to your home with these fabulous seating arrangements, curated to perfection