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Read all about the latest trends in interior design, as well as expert tips from high profile figures, exclusive interviews and tips on furnishing your home.
Glam Rock Watches on Wysada

Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, 50 Cent and Jamie Foxx are among the long list of

FA blog cover
Wysada Interviews The Talented Jordanian Designer Farah Asmar

  Farah Asmar is a Jordanian Designer who once had a dream sketched on a paper, and

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Wysada Meets… Samar Habayeb

Heritage, uniqueness and relaxed elegance are some of the words that describe this

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New Year, New Home

Your home is your canvas; a clean, white slate just in time for the new

Beat the Winter Chill – Light My Fire

Snowed in? Create your own private ski-chalet with this fantastic collection of outdoor

Wysada Loves: Color Your World

Adorn your interior settings with jewel toned, decadent homeware essentials from our charismatic

Wysada Loves: Iconic Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Invest in a design classic today with this iconic range of timeless unisex sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

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Get The Look: Industrial Evolution

Introduce an ultra-cool feel to your spaces with these fabulous bronze and wood must-haves. This

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Wysada Loves: Seaside Lights

Inject a touch of play with this collection of fabulous seaside-inspired table lamps; guaranteed to

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Get the Look: Pop Art Living

Liven up your space with Pop Art-inspired living essentials, bound to bring an artistic touch to

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Wysada Loves: Amrita Singh Jewelry

Be the star of the show with this dazzling range of fashion-forward jewelry pieces from New York

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Get the Look: Sit in Style

Bring an artistic vibe to your home with these fabulous seating arrangements, curated to perfection

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Wysada Loves: Filippo Ghezzani Leather Sofas

Sink back and relax in style with this cherry-picked selection of ecological leather sofas from

Wysada Loves: Michael Kors Handbags

Don’t miss out on these luxury handbags, designed for the fashion-forward woman!   Treat

True Blue – Ladies Jewelry

Infuse your jewelry collection with dazzling rays of blue hues from Elizabeth’s

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Top 10 Picks of the Week

This week’s numbers are in for the top 10 Wysada items chosen by you… You have chosen this

Wysada Loves: Arabic Coffee Maker from Yatooq

Concoct a fresh cup of Arabic style coffee in only seven minutes…   Enjoy morning coffee

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Get the Look –Bodacious Blues

Channel the majestic beauty of oceanic hues with our curated collection of

Ice Cream Dreams

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice-cream!  Indulge your love of ice-cream with this

Breakfast is Served!

Wake up every morning with a sunny outlook thanks to this unmissable breakfast range!   Start

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Wedding Wednesday – WEDDING GIFT GUIDE

Weddings are one of the most notable times in a couple’s life; that’s why you should